What you need to prepare

When you are hospitalized, please prepare the following items

  1. household medicine ・・・・・ Please be sure to bring any medications you normally use.
  2. change of clothes ・・・・・ Please prepare underwear and pajamas with plenty of room.
  3. toilet set ・・・・・ You will not be able to wash your face for a week after the surgery. You will only be able to wipe.
  4. slippers
  5. (a) tissue
  6. safety glasses ・・・・・ that does not contain degrees. stay on it for a week.
  • Toilets are located in each patient room.
  • Televisions and refrigerators are located by each bed.
  • No hot water supply facilities.
  • Bathing is not allowed during hospitalization.
準備するもの 準備するもの
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